Grassley Twitter feed soldiers on

The Twitter king of Capitol Hill will continue to reign.

A recent BuzzFeed story suggested that U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, was backing off his signature style that features many wide-ranging personal observations.

News that Grassley would be limiting himself more to policy matters on social media dismayed his many followers. But Grassley told reporters Wednesday that the story was off-base.

Chuck Grassley on Twitter

“I haven’t changed anything,” Grassley said. “I think they’re referring to some interview I gave to somebody called FeedStuff or BuzzStuff or something like that.”

He corrected himself, properly identifying the outlet as BuzzFeed and said they had asked him about changes in his tweets.

“Just wait a minute,” Grassley said. “I’ll say something very theatrical pretty soon and so they’ll be wrong.”

He said he’s putting out just as many tweets as ever before.

“Sometimes I tweet five times a day and sometimes I don’t tweet for five days,” Grassley said. “But you know, you don’t come in and have an interview for a half-hour and draw a conclusion, how much Grassley’s tweeting or not . . . so just ignore it.”

When a reporter suggested people would be relieved to hear the tweets will keep coming, Grassley said: “Do you mean people actually pay attention to me . . . you’re pandering (to) me.”

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