Johanns for Flood?

Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., hasn’t officially taken sides in the race for Nebraska governor, but he keeps saying awfully nice things about state Sen. Mike Flood of Norfolk, speaker of the State Legislature.

Flood recently announced that he will run for governor, while Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy also plans to seek the office and has the backing of Gov. Dave Heineman. All are Republicans.

Johanns was asked about Flood and the governor’s race on Thursday during his weekly conference call with reporters. Johanns wasn’t about to make any endorsements, noting that he was talking on a government phone.

But that didn’t stop him from heaping praise on Flood.

“I like Mike Flood a lot,” Johanns said. “I just think he has served this state so well over the last eight years.”

Johanns reflected on his own time as Nebraska governor and said whatever ideas he came up with, he still needed someone in the legislature to get them passed.

“We governors like to brag about what we’ve done with the budget and this and that and taxes and etcetera but the reality is if you don’t have a Mike Flood in the legislative body, those things don’t happen,” Johanns said. “And he was there the last eight years and got so many things passed and done and balanced budgets and didn’t borrow money and Mike can take a lot of credit for that.”

Johanns was already talking up Flood when the World-Herald’s Robynn Tysver interviewed him at the Republican National Convention in August.

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