More Kerrey endorsements

Bob Kerrey’s campaign on Wednesday was bragging about the endorsements of two fellow Democrats, Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

Both are known as moderates in the Senate.

We thought back to Manchin’s campaign ad when he was running for the Senate in 2010, a tough year for Democrats.

Manchin had a remarkable ad that sought to convey both his support for gun rights and his opposition to the anti-pollution measure known as cap-and-trade.

In the ad, Manchin actually shoots the legislation in question.

The World-Herald’s Robynn Tysver reported earlier this year on how Kerrey now opposes “cap-and-trade” after previously offering his fervent support.

The Machin ad also made us think back to this Kerrey gun rights ad from his 1994 re-election campaign.

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