All apologies

Nebraska Senate candidate Bob Kerrey, a Democrat, recently released a video response to Stephen Colbert’s apology on last week’s Meet the Press.

Colbert plays a faux conservative talking head on his Comedy Central show. He  suggested on Meet The Press that Kerrey didn’t seem to quite get the joke during a 2005 appearance on the show.

In the video, Kerrey offers his own apology:

“On Sunday’s Meet the Press you offered me a very sincere apology for not telling me that you were playing a role when I appeared on one of your first shows in 2005. I want to return the favor and offer you a heart felt apology for not informing you that I was merely playing – I’ll admit rather easily – a hapless and confused guest. I would be glad to come on your show again, and play that role one more time. Thank you very much for your apology.”

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